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Portland Vancouver Wedding Photographer | Carolee's HERE!!!

After my first child was born, I wondered how could I possible EVER love anyone as much as I loved him? Then our daughter Macie showed up and it was amazing how much I loved her TOO! Yet, when we found out we were expecting again 5 YEARS later, I began to wonder if I would have enough love for another baby too. My old kids had developed such amazing and different personalities and I love them so much it hurts. Would it be possible to have THAT much love for another person.

I spent much of the first few months of my pregnancy with a slight bit of panic. And honestly I am not sure when or how it happened, maybe when I first felt this new life fluttering around, but I began to LOVE this baby. She wasn't here yet, but I knew her, and I loved her.

And its been such a wonderful adventure as we awaited the arrival of our newest little creep (said with love).

We decided to move back across the country when I was 11 weeks pregnant!! If that wasnt crazy enough I had already booked several different trips, including a week long trip to Texas at 25 weeks, and a big beautiful wedding in Colorado at 27 weeks. To top it all off my husband was working still in North Dakota, so I decided to visit him there at 35 weeks. I suppose it could have all gone very wrong, because we know how unpredictable babies can be. But we were blessed and it was all so worth it.

My husband was home when she arrived, right on time, all 8 lbs and 12 oz of her!!! And how we love her!!

It is my great joy to introduce you all to my sweet littlest creep: Carolee Jean Regino

Wild Rose Photography | Battle Ground Wedding Photogarpher

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