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Portland Wedding Photographer | Kids at home

I am still luckily in that stage of life where I have 'kids at home'. I will admit there are days when the noise level in my house is deafening and I am longing for some peace. Though I know this stage of life is so short, I am choosing to find the joy in the little things, soaking up the craziness and the messes.

As I reflect on this past year, and ponder this coming year I am reminding myself to slow down a little. Being based near Portland, the mild weather allows me to shoot most of the year. (Well sometimes the rain puts a wrench in our plans) But I really only take a break during the Christmas holiday. So during this strange limbo between January and March where I shoot for clients a lot less, I find myself getting re-inspired by the little things around me. What am I looking for? Light, details, texture and emotion. Sometimes I see something that moves me and I can't explain. Mostly I am inspired by these little faces that I get the ultimate pleasure calling my own.

Something I am really looking forward to bringing to my clients this year is doing more story telling. I'd like to do this for not only my wedding photography clients but all of my amazing family and portrait clients Please enjoy and feel free to contact me with comments or questions.

Portland Wedding Photographer

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