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Family Photography: Getting Your Kids Prepped For The Big Day

When you're ready to capture family memories, it makes sense that you want to do something big. Taking pictures with your phone is great, but there's nothing like working with a professional photographer on a family photography session that will stand the test of time. As a parent, you're likely excited to show off your little ones, but it can be tough to help them be patient and easy-going on picture day. Try these tips to get your little ones on board with getting in front of the camera.


  • For very young kids, prepare them for what to expect during your family photography session. Playing sounds of a camera click online, showing them how a flash works with your phone, or even getting then acquainted with a toy camera can all go a long way in helping them feel ready for the big day.

  • Give kids a say in what they get to wear. When they feel heard and they're wearing something they love, they'll be more likely to enjoy the experience.

  • Allow your kids to choose poses, faces, and settings for a few pictures. The more your kids get to voice their opinions, the more invested they'll be in the entire process.

  • Get excited about the process! Stop yourself from talking negatively about your appearance, or from saying you hate how you look in pictures. Those attitudes are contagious and can stop your kids from enjoying the family photography process.


Remember, working with a professional photographer is about capturing family memories. Getting your pictures taken should be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

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