Wedding Photography

Looking At Wedding Photography Options? What You Need To Know

Getting married? Congratulations! As you plan your wedding, your to-do list may seem to grow rapidly. While it's exciting to check things off your list, it's vital to take your time as you and your future spouse choose your photographer. As you interview professionals to book your wedding photography, be sure to ask them these questions.


  • How often do you do couples photography? It's essential that you find a wedding photography professional who has experience photographing couples. This means that they'll have a catalog of ideas for poses and settings.

  • Can I see your portfolio? A couples photography professional should have hundreds of photographs to share, at your request. This can give you an idea of whether their style matches what you want for your wedding photography.

  • How many hours are included with a wedding photography package? Prices can vary widely from photographer to photographer, so it's important to ensure you know what you're getting with each photographer's package. Some photographers only quote on photographing the ceremony, while others include formal photos and reception photos. If there are specific moments you want to be captured (such as first-look photos), be sure to mention that to the photographer.

  • How much time do I have to book? While you should never feel pressure in choosing a photographer, you'll want to know how much lead time your photographer needs to book you for your big day. Some photographers book up to a year in advance, while others are more readily available. 


No matter what wedding photography professional you choose, make sure that you feel comfortable and at ease as you work with them. This will allow the happiness of your wedding day to shine through in your photos for years to come.