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Portland Wedding Photographer | 8 Photography Tips for Brides

For most people, aside from your spouse, all you have left after your wedding is your photos.

As wedding photographer, I found that there are few simple tips that make the day go a little smoother and insuring a great outcome for your wedding photographs.

#1. First Look-

Your choice of course.. but DO IT! This is such a great opportunity for the bride and groom to have an intimate moment together before the mad rush begins. And leaving plenty of time for your photographer to focus on the two of you, because after all this is what this day is about! An added plus: All formal pictures can be taken care of BEFORE ceremony, leaving guests and family free to party for the ceremony right away!

#2. Its all about the small stuff -

Think about the little details. Have your bridesmaids clean up the space you are getting ready in that way when your photographer is getting shots of you guys there will be no distracting elements like fast food wrappers, or piles of clothes. Remember to bring an extra invite or stationary. Drink out of a pretty glass instead of a plastic water bottle. (Helps to enhance with the glass cup) Have your rings (his and hers) with the stationary ready to go when your photographer gets there so she can grab the details shots!


Consider having an unplugged wedding ceremony. Keep the moment sacred. Have your officiant make an announcement having guests put away their phones and enjoy the day with their eyes. Too often a well meaning relative steps out in the aisle with a phone or iPad blocking an important shot for the professional. This is distracting and ruins beautiful moments.

#4. EAT!

I know this has nothing to do with your pictures…. but it does if people are hungry and grumpy… Or the bride passes out during the ceremony. Plan on having snacks for your bridal party while getting ready… and avoid too much sugary non-sense. Make sure to drink lots of water.


Consider the time of day (time of year). LIGHTING! GAH! SO important! Seriously though, don't forget to check sunset time for your wedding date. In the winter it gets dark around or before 4pm. Also consider that the lighting is at its most harsh at around noon. Ask your photographer the best timing for ceremony for your date before setting a time.

#6. Engagement Shoot

Spring for the engagement shoot- This is such a great time for you to work with your photographer. You will feel much more comfortable on your big day if you’ve spent an hour or two getting to know your photographer. It will give them a chance to get to know YOU and how you interact with each other, your personality, style and your quirks. This also gives you a chance to see what you will look like in the pictures and be able to chat with your photographer if there's anything that needs to be adjusted. And once your wedding comes you’ll be super excited about doing pictures, instead of dreading them!


I have said this before but hire a hair/makeup artist! Make sure to do your research and view their work. Then be sure to do a trail run of your hair and make up. (This would also be a great day to your Bridal Pictures!) It is important that you feel confident on your big day, and a big part of feeling confident is loving your look!


Be realistic about your time… everything always takes longer than you think it will. Have a timeline and shot list for pictures. (Get that to your photographer a couple weeks before your wedding.) Make sure to include those MUST HAVE shots of people like great grams or important uncles. Delegate someone trusted and dependable to help orchestrate important shots in the day! You might also consider giving this list along with the timeline to those who are needed in these shots, that way your photographer isn't trying to track them down waisting valuable time!

Don’t forget that weddings are supposed to be fun! Relax and enjoy the process! Remember that there is always unexpected things that come up on your day, those things just add to your story!

Have any more questions? Ready to book? Hit me up on my contact page!

Jamie Regino


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